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Morgana hadn't been fully filled in yet. She had been confused at first when Chase was being called a she and then she quickly realized that Delilah was the subject of conversation now. He certainly changed the subject quickly. He had a mind like hers. One that never shut up, one that rotated so quickly sometimes she couldn't even keep track of her own mind, her own thoughts and her own feelings on a subject. She needed more time, more information, more conversations with Delilah- just more. More of everything would be helpful right now.

As for Ms. Chase, she knew the woman was impressive. Morgana could have told anyone who asked after the first meeting that the woman was a force of nature strong enough to tame a hurricane much less a wolf, even, a more dangerous version- a werewolf perhaps. She could be intimidating, strong. She had reached out to the muggle authorities to stop an uncertain future from occurring. It had taken bravery and foresight. Especially if she didn't know it was going to work. Still, she wasn't here to lead and leaders couldn't be distracted by other objectives. Trevor had been distracted and if Ms. Chase and he stories were to be believed that would lead to madness. She didn't need another situation on her hands, enough was already enough.

"She is strong, and sure, but she isn't here to lead. Not permanently. While we do need another option, this one....it seems extreme. Bringing back someone who is most possibly the most dangerous wizard to ever lead or live...and how can we be sure things will be the same. A plan B is all well and good but one this intemperate? Chase Downing has always been a zealot of lost causes. What makes you sure this is real in the first place?"
And there it was. The relativity of the mention of Chase had not been lost on Calloway, yet she also recognized to remain on said topic would be to fall down a rabbit hole. She also knew how to redirect to the topic at hand, thank goodness. She was skilled in the art of conversation, and it was refreshing. His and Downing's conversation had gone well enough, yet Downing was and always had been an outcast. As Calloway had put it, he was a "zealot of lost causes." Not many associated with him willingly other than to check in to ensure the plot had no bearing on facts, that their current status quo was not about to be upset by an action he chose to take so far as Samael could guess.

Samael supposed he may as well give her some more information. She seemed genuine enough in what she said, though Samael had a feeling she recognized he was feeling and may or may not be genuine himself. Their lifestyle was one of smoke and mirrors. Truth was often hidden somewhere in there, yet how much truth was coming from Calloway's lips? Much less his own? In reality, this matter was trivial to him, only important insofar as it left him with a way to bring his own father back to him. What the Death Eaters did after that, with or without Voldemort, had little bearing on Samael's life. He'd have his father to care for, to learn from, to care about. What did trivialities such as this have on a life with little focus on them ultimately weigh? Little, Samael believed. Unless Father had his own needs. It had been Chase who had brought Shepard in that night he had died. The Death Eaters were enemies by association. Would Father want anything? Revenge on the group? The blood of Chase and Shepard? Samael was ready to give all he could for him.

"A fair enough question and sentiment," Samael admitted. "Believe me, I've wondered about it myself. I've reviewed the conversation I had with Downing over and over since that night. There was something about him, something that seemed to extend beyond a zealot hoping for a result. He seemed...confident somehow, like he had some sort of secret weapon which would ensure that this time there would be no failure."
This whole conversation was a conundrum in itself. In just a matter of days she would be in charge of the entire organization. The government would be hers, the command of the person representing the government would be hers, she would be the appointed head of the Death Eaters to those who knew the truth of the organization. If anything she should be either taking this man into questioning, or running to alert Delilah of this new possibly impending danger. Then agains she did not know who Ms. Chase knew and supported. She may want the Dark Lord back, she may desire the return of old times as a way of stopping the new dangers that she was here to protect against. Trevor certainly would have been against it for all he experienced. Morgana certainly wasn't sure how she felt about the entire thing. This was a man, a creature, that both saved and endangered her life. A leader who's time in power represented a time of both fear and power. What did she really have to gain? Then again, what did she really have to lose? Maybe that was how Downing was getting his followers- those who had heard of the past and were enamored of it, and those who experienced it and yearned for the glory days again like Lord Adder...

There were so many thoughts, so many voices, so many opportunities and choices it was enough to make one's head spin. The stakes were only the world she was choosing to live in. A world that may be endangered already no thanks to her and the current regime. In any case she needed more if she was even close to willing to entertain this idea further as either a threat or a path and Mr. Ulrich was holding out on her. She had seen a maneuver like this enough to know he didn't trust her. He was entertained perhaps, intrigued maybe but certainly not trusting. Good....she didn't trust him either. She trusted no one, she probably never would again after what had happened with Trevor, not after how many coups and transitions she had been through. If he wanted her help he would have to give her more to work with.

"And being the clever man you are i'm sure you found out what this secret weapon was and now you are going to tell me all about it." She was sure he wouldn't tell her. It was far too early for such things and given how much silence there was between them and this being their first meeting in years he wasn't going to disclose anything of true worth. Still, in her experience negotiations were easier if you started with a higher price and worked your way down.
"I found out, yes," Samael agreed. "But to tell you might be viewed as an unnecessary risk by Mr. Downing, won't it? I'll leave it to him to inform you." And he would. He understood how things worked, and to gain any sort of loyalty from Chase Downing, he needed to show a degree of it himself. He had to exercise caution when letting one into their fold or there went his help to get his master back into the world of the living. After the taste of power that he could have at his very fingertips, he needed this to happen, but he needed help. He was certain his master would see to it he had the necessary runes at his fingertips during the process, yet any further, more complex wizarding magic that might be necessary was not something he could easily come across on his own. He had divorced that power the day he had given his life to become something...more. It left him feeling vulnerable in certain ways despite the fact his master had given him hope. Samael hated nothing more than relying on others, however.

"If you wish to know more, perhaps I can arrange a meeting betwixt us. But might I suggest use of your patronus? It may very well intrigue him, given everything that is believed of you." Samael could only hope she wouldn't question this request. He didn't want to have to reveal his otherness to her until necessary. It would bring questions as to his interest in everything, perhaps make him even seem to be wholeheartedly invested in Downing's plot to bring the Dark Lord back to life and to power. After all, had the Dark Lord not used creatures of the night that the rest of society had cast out to his own end? Was he not a meal ticket back to acceptance? At least there was more explanation than what he was truly after.
It was too much to hope that for one things would be easy for her. It would have been too simple, to straightforward to just get one answer out of someone these days. There had to be mystery and trouble surrounding everything it seemed. First there was a visitor from the future telling her the world was basically about to end but unable to give her more details beyond some sealed notebook- a modern Pandora's Box of sorts and now this. A man trying to help bring back the dead for one purpose or another, seemingly able to do it but of course details would be too much to ask. She understood that it would be dangerous. She understood that if he were to tell her he would likely end up dead. She wouldn't have done it in his shoes, but still- one break was all she asked of the universe. One simple problem to solve might give her the boost she needed to handle the rest. Instead, there would be more complications. Morgana had to fight back a sigh, and was largely successful at doing so, resorting sipping her drink thoughtfully instead.

A meeting would not go amiss- the use of her patronus was. While a useful method of communication, it was not common to use a patronus unless something was an emergency. Owl was not as expedient but it was more customary-especially if not familiar with the person you were summoning on a personal level. While Morgana had been in the Death Eater organization for some time but Chase Downing had never really been in her inner circle. Raising an eyebrow Morgana considered Lance carefully. He seemed more invested than he was letting on. One had to be a fanatic or have something they thought they could gain if they were going to try to bring the Dark Lord back from the dead. "I would be happy to send my patronus but you already have the connection. Would it not be better if you vouch for me?"
"I would," Samael replied, glad that even among skilled wizards such a spell was considered difficult. Some never bothered to attempt and some simply tried and failed. "However, producing one has always proven elusive to me." He had been able to back in the day when magic was still a possibility rather than an improbability. Perhaps his master might have a spell his runes could produce that would provide a similar illusion, but that was precisely why he needed this to work, why he needed to work with Downing and ensure his endeavor had as much skill backing it as possible. Where Downing was a fanatic, Calloway had smarts and a wit about her. She would see things Downing would find difficult to see due to his own proximity to the project and desire to see the Dark Lord return.

"And while I would suggest an owl, such communication would take far too long, and I feel our endeavor mustn't be delayed, wouldn't you agree? Downing is quite close to seeing things through. We wouldn't want him to accomplish his task without witness, would we?"
Something wasn't fitting. What she knew of this young man from her time in office before was that he was talented. He had been top of his class. He had been one of the prodigies of his institution in multiple areas so the fact that he could not produce a patronus with any level of ease seemed odd at best and suspicious at worst. As was the fact that he was bringing this to her attention- the person who was in charge of keeping everything together. The whole thing didn't feel right. It might be a trap. It might be honest information but either way she wasn't going to get anymore if she didn't play his game. Especially since he seemed to have speed and efficiency on his mind. So many excuses. Too many for it to be the truth. There were lies here but she was in too deep to back away without jeopardizing the whole thing.

"Of course not, something so monumental that so many people have believed to be so impossible...it would be a shame not to mark such an auspicious occasion without the due deference of history. So where is he so I can send the message and is there a place you had in mind for this meeting? You understand that I am...well....hesitant to send such an invitation in such a public place."
She was hesitant. Such an emotion was understandable. Samael himself would have been hesitant were their positions switched. But she was too far now to back down and he knew it. She still could, of course. It would simply mark her as a target, something Calloway likely did not wish to draw to herself at such an early interval in her time here. Again, he couldn't blame her. To be human was to realize the fact you weren't invincible. Samael imagined with his father's coaching, he could feel closer to that than any mere human, and he looked forward to that. But that was why he needed Downing and Calloway. Without their magic, he would have a harder time reaching his end goal.

Samael nodded at her closing statement. "Shall we go elsewhere, then? I would never wish to endanger the opinion the public holds toward one in your position." Perhaps she had wanted a night out drinking, but even she knew by now that her night had taken a different turn she would do well to simply accept.
Well. Like it or not she was involved in this now one way or another. She knew to much not to be dangerous to the project. This young man's interest in her or the project or both for that matter was too far advanced to ignore. She had been in the business long enough to know that if she refused to cooperate further she would be a volatile asset and there was only one thing to do with those in the end. If Morgana was to survive she would have to play along with whatever this was for a bit longer and that would have to include putting more skin in the game than just a casual drink. Every business deal had to have an element of risk for both partners or else things couldn't be taken seriously. Maybe that's what she was being tested on, her ability to been seen leaving with him in public, the use of her clout. She had a feeling she would find out more soon enough, but first she had to stay quiet just a little longer.

Laying down a glinting gold galleon Morgana finished her drink and gracefully rose from the bar stool. So much for one last night of peace. "Isn't that kind. I'm assuming you have a spot in mind for this....invitation of yours?"
Did he have a place in mind? It might be risky, but yes, he did. "There is a warehouse. Downing will know where it's at. We have been making certain preparations there. I'll escort you once you've sent your patronus." With every word, a bit deeper, yet not so deep it would endanger them if she disapparated. She wouldn't be long for this world if she did, but at the very least, she couldn't lead someone to the warehouse where Markus was hidden and leave them fumbling to protect themselves on more than one aspect. Even Downing had no idea about Markus' presence in the warehouse. Samael had been certain to keep him away from that part, had made an effort to make it seem run down and dangerous past a certain point, hopefully enough the man had never made enough of an effort to look further. Samael hadn't caught his scent yet, though the scent of Markus' blood and sick and excrement was strong but strong enough to mask such a thing? He had his doubts.

"Are you ready, Fraulein?"

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