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by: Jonathan Partridge
Jon narrowed his eyes as she explained her line of work...all of it. He hadn't even continued to play their little game with a question of his own, she just offered it. Did he actually have a breakthrough with her? It seemed like it, and it was nice to finally tear down the barrier that she had to put up (rightfully so), but this was going to make things a lot easier going forward. That is, if she chose to stick around. A forger...He hadn't ever met one, mostly because he never thought he'd need one--that is, until he became a fugitive. Documents needed just to enter certain parts of the Wizarding world? That made travel difficult, that's for sure, but someone with her skills was definitely something to bring up to Kara when he reported in. Whether or not the girl would accompany him? That had yet to be seen. He had to press this just a little bit longer.

He gave an impressed nod and then stole a glance over his shoulder to see if he could spot anyone trying to spy on them or make their move. When he didn't see anything of the sort for now, he returned his grey eyes to her. "You got a wand on you?" He asked. It was fairly standard for anyone above the age of eleven to have one of those handy, and for someone running around alone like this one? He wanted to make sure had the means to protect herself. Jon noted her urgency, and earmarked her skill set as a subject he would touch on later.

Just then, there was a shuffling of footsteps in the distance, getting louder as if they were heading straight for them...
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by: Maddie Jamison
Well, she had made her choice. So far no one was closing in on her and no Dementors or Imperium Guards had jumped out of the walls to get her so it seemed that for now the choice was right. So now that she had made her choice. Now that she had ripped off the bandaid and and trusted this random guy, whoever he was, she might as well tell him everything. All the gritty details- including the fact that the only thing that she could do successfully was run. So much for looking tough she supposed. That ship had long since sailed. The minute she told him what she did she was admitting she needed help- she hated to say it but it was true. Now he was going to find out just how much trouble he had signed up for. If he had signed up at all. There was still time to run. Not much, but a little. "I do. I just....I can't use it. I left school after they started kicking out mixed blood students. My dad was teaching me at home but that....that ended rather quickly and I haven't done spells for at least a year and a half. Also, i'm under seventeen which means the trace is active. I do a spell and they know who I am and where I am in a second or less."

Maddie swallowed. The world looked a little darker when she said it out loud. It really seemed dark and twisty and wrong was bad. It was really bad. And getting worse. She heard the footsteps and turned. Something was coming. Something bad. And it was coming fast. Really fast. "I can run. I can run really fast and that's about it and I recommend we do that now. Or I can run and you can leave. It's not too late you know. You can apparrate and stuff so no need for two people to get caught and you weren't even involved to begin with."
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by: Jonathan Partridge
Jon's eyes narrowed in a way that wasn't disbelief or in any way meant to offend the girl, it was more out of surprise and confusion. Turns out there was more to her than just a tough exterior from living on the streets. She was a student and a runaway, and she had nowhere to go and no one to run to. Good lord... Jon sighed, though internally, as not to put her off. He was drawn to her, in a sense that he knew he needed to protect her, or at least aid her in some way to improve her current situation. The streets were no place for a kid, much less in the muggle world, but here and now with Death Eaters, Dementors, Imperium Guard and the like patrolling from the other side too?

"I see." He said, solemnly. Not to sound to pitiful toward her, but just sympathizing in general, since he'd read about what happened at Hogwarts since they started weeding out those who weren't listed as pureblood wizards and witches. He felt for her, he really did, but how was he going to say who he worked for or where he primarily resided, to a stranger he'd just met on the streets, a young girl who might not realize what sort of mess she'd be getting into by joining him. That is, if she thought to trust her. Honestly, he wasn't sure why she hadn't just taken off. Apparating and spell work aside, she could outrun him in his current state and he'd be at a loss.

Then the footsteps echoed closer, before he could make any offer or any warning.

Jon turned to protect her, shield her from any inbound damage, before pulling his wand from his hip. He had time to make an escape. "Come on, we have to go." Apparate, he meant. There was no warming up to this, no easing into the situation. This girl, who hadn't even given her name to him yet, had to decide to stay with the inbound shadow, or follow him. Time was running out.
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by: Maddie Jamison
There was the judgement she was used to. She could feel it pouring off of him in waves even if he was trying to hide it from her. They always tried to hide their pity. But the way his eyes narrowed when she told him just how useless and weak she was could not be mistaken. He could practically hear the normal refrain in his head from here. Poor child. Poor abandoned girl. An innocent casualty of war. She shouldn't pay for this. She's too young for this. She's too weak for this. She shouldn't be here. Well that last part was at least right. She shouldn't be here. She should be at school. She should be thinking about what to do after she graduated. She should be running, and pranking younger students, playing quidditch, sneaking off with boys. She shouldn't be fighting a war. But here she was. No use crying about it. No use trying to protect herself from the world when it had already found her. She didn't need his pity she just needed him to get them out of there. And if he offered pity Maddie was ready to through it back in his face. Wand or not. Child or not. She was stronger than he might think. She had survived this long after all, she would keep going help or no.

She was about to tell him so to when she whirled around to listen to the echoes of footsteps approaching. She could hear them drawing nearer and nearer. Another minute, maybe a minute and a half if they were lucky and they would be here and both of them would be captured, or dead if they were lucky. He had to move or she would without him. She was about to save as much when he pulled her into him and drew his wand. He moved fast for a gimp. Clearly knew what he was doing. Maybe there was more to this guy than there seemed on the good Samaritan service.

She drew her wand just in case, if nothing else then to draw fire and attention so that he could have a better chance defending them. More targets would make it harder in any case. "Then go already damn it."
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by: Jonathan Partridge
Jon shook his head lightly before taking hold of the girl and moving away from the scene. His legs weren't as strong as he wanted them to be but he sure as hell wasn't going to let them sit here for the taking. Whatever the hell it was coming for them wasn't a friendly, not surrounded by that much smoke and gloom. He needed to find a better place for them to lose their tail--there! He rounded the corner and with a swirl of his wand in the open air before him, he wrapped his free arm around the girl's shoulder. "Hold on." It wasn't a command, it was more of a courtesy and a warning, as he pulled them through the air and they suddenly vanished from sight. Hopefully, it was far enough away that the shadow or the presence born from it could not follow, because the destination he reached for was someplace he deemed safe. At least, he hoped it was still safe.

The rundown old home he'd fashioned into a safe house in London was dusty as hell, but furnished and showed some wear and proof that someone had been staying here. Jon came here from time to time, whenever he found it quieter in the city than at the safe house where he was bombarded by several inhabitants or irritated by the late-night noise of children running in the hall. When they landed, they fell right onto his couch, but he bounced up onto his feet immediately. He went for the doors and then checked the windows to peek out and make sure they hadn't been tailed. At least the girl was safe, and she could stay on the couch if she was comfortable. "There's some fresh bottled waters in the fridge there, if you need one. Not sure if this is what you want to hear, but it might do you some good to stay here for a little bit. Both of us at least, until we can be sure they didn't follow."

He peeked through the back window, but pointed at the front door. "Of course, you're also free to go. House is spelled from anyone other than myself pulling that trick--but if you wanna take your chances...well," She'd probably been forced into situations she didn't want, like folks who took her in simply because they felt sorry for her and the like--but Jon wanted to show her that she was able to go. He'd done his part so far, and if she didn't want to hear what other things he could offer her in the ways of training, protection and shelter, then she could go. "I promise you're no prisoner here, uh..." He trailed off, spinning his hand in the air as he did.

He still hadn't gotten her name.
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by: Maddie Jamison
For a hero type this guy sure wasn't that good at his job. The feet were coming quicker and Maddie was starting to feel sick. It was getting colder and she was suddenly tired. Whatever smog or smoke was starting to come down the ally wasn't boding well for them and she was ready to run right now if he didn't act in the next five seconds. She should have just left to begin with rathe than trusting this creep. He looked like he was going to defend them but why was he taking so long. She could have been half way cross the rooftops and disappearing onto the Knight Bus by now and on her way back to muggle London and her flat.

Her muscles were already tensed and ready to break away and run when he grabbed her tight on the shoulder before apparating. She hated apparating. She had only ever done it once or twice with her father, but she never got used to the feeling. The twisting of her insides, the screaming of the world around her as it changed. The spinning when you landed. The nausea when you finally did. Even if she should have been able to do it on her own by now Maddie really wasn't sure if she would have chosen to. It really was a miserable way to travel.

Gasping for air as she fell on her couch Maddie couldn't focus on where they were. She just closed her eyes and tried to breath. Don't throw up. Don't throw up. Whatever you to Madeline Louise Jamison do not give this guy the satisfaction of throwing up on his couch after a near death experience.

Breathing carefully Maddie listened as he freely handed out advice that was pretty good despite her misgivings and the fact that she hated to admit it. The sickness in her stomach was finally starting to pass enough that Maddie could open her eyes and look around her. The man was a ways away so that was good. From the way he was checking the windows it seemed that they were safe for now. Good. Give her a chance to regroup and figure out why a seemingly average guy had a safehouse in the middle of, well, she didn't quite know. She should probably try to find that out before she moved. If she moved. After all, the guy didn't quite seem to know if they had lost the tail, whatever the tail was.

She got up and held onto the arm of the couch, still not quite adjusted to where she was yet and slowly used whatever services she could find to make her way over to the fridge at a bottle of cold water. He had offered and she wasn't about to turn him down-at least on that count. Still, it was clearly a safe house. Unused. Dingy. In need of a cleaning more than her apartment which was really saying quite a bit considering she was a lone teenage girl who subsisted mostly on takeout and her place was pretty much a palace of old used plastic containers and dirty laundry. At least where she was was lived it. This placed looked fairly abandoned- just used for...well she didn't rightly know. Escape she supposed. Especially if he was admitting it was spelled all to hell. At least it would be somewhere to wait out an hour or two until she was safe.

And it that hour or two she would have to be civil. Even if he was offering the place to her it helped to be civil. Adults aways liked that and she hand't exactly been cordial in the ally. In her defense she thought he had been trying to catch her or kill her, but still- the least she could give him was her name. "Maddie. It's Maddie. Madeline if you want to be technical but no one ever uses that. Not unless they are my....well not unless they have a death wish. So much for being civil.
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by: Jonathan Partridge
"Alright, alright. I got it." He smirked, though he made sure to note the fact that using the name Madeline could be in his pocket if he needed to use that sort of authority over her. Wait, but why? Was Jon seriously considering taking this young one under his wing? Would Kara approve of it? Not that he had to run things like this by her, per se, but he wanted to make sure she was properly vetted before bringing her to Tutaminis. However, with things like a shadow, or spectre, or whatever the hell it was stalking them, Jon considered this a bit of a crash course in checking to see if this girl was legitimately interested in assistance or if she was somehow in this to con him. He threw away the latter, mostly because she seemed genuine. A little standoffish and stubborn, but genuine.

"Looks like they're gone but I'm gonna wait to step out just in case." Jon moved from his window perch, grabbed a bottle of water for himself and made his way to his favorite chair. He settled in and took his freshly prescribed glasses out of his pocket and put them on. He only wore them when he needed them, and thanked Merlin that they hadn't been cracked again on this apparition. They'd at least tempered the glass strong enough to withstand that method of travel, so he was pleased with the quality of them. After a drink, he sighed. Relief. Rest. Something other than panic of pursuit. He let the silence settle like a warm blanket over the room and let things rest so they could too.

As he looked at her, he couldn't help but see some of the similarities in his own sister Vivian that it was uncanny. She was only a couple of years younger than him but the resemblance to the way she was when they were kids was amazing. Amusing, even. He took a sip of water and swallowed it down before setting it on the end table beside his chair.

"So you wanted to know how my leg got hurt?" Conversation was best if it wasn't one-sided, but he wanted to offer her more along the lines of an answer that she sought out prior to their escape. He wanted her to trust him. "A couple years ago, my fiancee... girlfriend. She and I were just in a bad place at a bad time. We ran into someone extremely dangerous. A hitwoman. I spent a lot of time hiding in the muggle world over the years, and people just think magic and they think everything can be all smiles and sparkles but it's not like that. Lately, magic has been anything but that." The darkness of the thought cast a shadow over his eyes as he recalled his late girlfriend, Elana Lenor. Those grey eyes of his stared off somewhere beyond Maddie as he felt the wave of pain over him again. On one hand, he thought maybe it was best she didn't learn the craft that seemingly destroyed his life... on the other, he knew she was a vulnerable, magical soul that was in need of that guidance if she was ever going to learn, and survive.
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by: Maddie Jamison
Well, he seemed to accept her name well enough. She should have used a false one if he took it so easily. Merlin's beard was she stupid. Any good agent or smuggler would have used a false name to begin with. It was a basic mistake and one she would never make again. If this rescuer was a trap, someone to get her to admit her crimes and show him evidence she would be done in a shot, and then where would she be? With her father and grandparents in Azkaban? Dead? Standing in front of Dementors awaiting their kiss? Not if she could help it. The aim was to get the rest of the family out somehow, not join them within.

Still, with his caution, the way he looked out the window and settled in the chair she couldn't help but ease just a bit. On the other hand, he was just sitting there staring at her smiling. It was unsettling and easing all at the same time. He was studying her just as hard as she was studying him. As if they were both taking the measure of each other, posturing for the next match of wits. And sure enough there it was, the move- how he hurt his leg.

Maybe it was the look in his eyes as if he was seeing the moving picture of his past behind her head or the storm whirling about in the unfocused grey eyes as he spoke but in that single moment Maddie realized that maybe, just maybe, he wasn't lying. He really was just trying to be kind- to be noble in her rescue. It was odd to think, as isolated as she had been over the past several years, that she was not the only one who had suffered since the changes in the government. It wasn't that she was self absorbed or daft even it was just hard to remember. It was hard to remember that while to her magic was a gift beyond reach to others....well to others it was a sham, a hoax, a lie, a curse even. Sometimes, alone, with the ache of the power inside her, sometimes she felt that too. But looking at the man in front of her she somehow felt that he would understand.

She twisted her lips from left to right. She knew loss well enough. Maybe not of the romantic type he suffered but well enough none the less. The loss of a father, and grandparents, the hate of a mother and she knew that there was nothing she could say to ease it. She stared down at her lap and twisted her hands a moment. "Maybe....Maybe it's not about smiles and sparkles. It can be but I can't live without it either. Sometimes....sometimes I feel as if it will eat me alive. Knowing that it's there. Knowing I could do something or help someone but that they won't let me...." Maddie felt her heart trap in her throat with a start. She took a deep breath and steeled herself feeling the familiar pang of emotion wash over her and closed her eyes willing back inside. This stranger. She couldn't tell him that, she shouldn't tell him that, and further more why should she want to tell him that?
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by: Jonathan Partridge
Jon offered a faint smile, thin but sympathetic. He'd known a few kids in his day, back at school, who'd had a less than stellar experience at home. Half-bloods, Three-fourths, and so-on down the line, that treatment was fairly common. The muggles who didn't understand magic feared it, and the parents who'd grown so terrified of it or didn't support it in the least forced their kids to hold back their talents, their magic. Most of his peers handled that sort of thing well, channeling all of their focus into their craft while at the school, with help of the professors who'd taught them how to really hone their abilities as they learned. Others... well, some of them either never came back to Hogwarts or things took a far darker turn with them, unable to unleash the magic lurking beneath the surface.

Peeking up at the young girl through his specs, Jonathan nodded. "I know it's difficult, but... Unfortunately, the trace... It's..." He sighed, reaching up to scratch his cheek before he shrugged. "They've been putting the trace on all of us, for as long as I can remember, until you finish school, but until that time comes for it to wear off..." He trailed off. He was useless to the situation, and he felt awful for the poor young girl who was caught between a rock and a hard place, it seemed.

"Look, all we can do right now is wait. I know you don't wanna hear that, but that's all I got right now. Maddie, I can take you somewhere. Someplace far safer than what I have here, and there are people there who can help you. You trusted me enough to stick around, I mean the door's open, you're free to go, but whatever's out there following you, they're just gonna keep coming around and I dunno if I can be there every time." Of course, she'd never asked to be saved, and even resisted slightly when they first encountered one another, but Jon was hoping what he was about to offer was even something she'd be interested in pursuing. At the very least, he wanted to ask. "I know we just met and honestly hearing me say it out loud sounds preposterous to me, even... but I'd rather not leave you out here in danger."

It was worth a shot, and he'd try to prove that his word was good as soon as they arrived at Tutaminis. Explaining this one to Kara was surely going to be something, but he knew she'd be open to the idea, as long as Maddie didn't cause any trouble for the Order.
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