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Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:07 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

The Abbey. Of course, the first thought is a church, but what in the hell would someone like that do at a church? Hah. But then he remembered. London had hundreds of pubs, but this one he had actually heard of. It was a place he'd only seen once or twice on his way uptown, and he remembered driving ...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:34 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

The informant managed to spit something else out before fading out, just a last known location. It wasn't much, but it was something. Castello bent down to look at the poor old sucker again, and he tilted his head. "Awww no... don't you pass out on me now, Gunny, we're just getting started.&quo...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:10 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

"" Castello had finally reached Stacia after a couple of shots, and when she answered, the information flowed out like none other. She seemed quite miffed this sort of breach happened at all, but as the Beta was always quick on her toes, reassured Cas she'd do what she could to ke...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:44 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

"So the fat wounded bird can still sing..." Castello muttered in Italian, probably incoherent to Gunnerson if he was so focused on his injuries and cries to hear it. It was mostly for Keo's benefit anyhow, a comment that teetered between cockiness and a humble sense of pride that he got t...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:29 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

Castello narrowed his eyes. Devil of wha...Oh that prick in the papers he'd heard about last week. An arched brow sought out the gaze of his Alpha across the way, wondering if that rang any bells with him. Of course it did; Keo was the king of one of the biggest security firms in the region, with te...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:26 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

When Ray-Ray started whining about being tied down, it only made Castello smile brighter. He was humored by the stout little man, the weaselly informant who was panicking on the inside as much as he was showcasing on the outside. He licked his lips and smirked, before reaching over with his palm to ...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:39 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

And there he was, the informant... a greasy little rat who was trying to cower in the safety of his own little panic room. Panic. Tch. Asher's eyes flickered with about .01% pity, the rest of his gaze composed of disgust of the vile little man. It was a far smarter move than trying to outrun the gar...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:59 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

First part of the mission, complete. Swiftly and cleanly, he would add. Castello heard the door shut among the scuffle with the goons, and once the dust settled, the morbid serenade of the injured man's groans in pain as he lie there doubled over with his broken arm was music to the Cyber Dog's ears...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:28 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

Two? Cas' lips spread thin as he nodded, since that was a detail he'd missed. He'd heard only one other aside from Gunnerson, so to catch another set of fleeting footsteps was an important detail that would have gotten ugly if looked over and they charged in without expecting another target. He grun...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:46 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

Cas just chuckled back at his Alpha when he mentioned the interests of the receptionist. She was a looker, he had to admit, and would be an interesting conquest should he decide to take her up on that. Perhaps he'd show up with some beer and pizza one of the days after she clocked out, surprise her ...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:14 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

"Sure, I can call up Benny, see if he's uptown to do a quick sweep for us, otherwise we can do it again when we get there. Thank the queen or whatever for getting this place so networked, it just makes our job easier." Cas laughed, shaking his head at the thought. London being so high-tec...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:45 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

Keo wanted to go handle this himself, which was expected and respected at the same time. Cas expected no less from his Alpha, who liked to be more hands-on with targets who had caught his eye (in a bad way) and that seemed to be why he was revered and feared in the mob circuit. The proposal of a vis...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:39 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

The sound of keys clicking was like a symphony to his well-trained ears. Castello grinned as he found his Alpha seated at his desk, typing away on two devices, his eyes moving between both monitors as he expertly sought out...whatever it was he was up to. Once inside, Asher shut the door behind him ...

Re: Infamous [Cas]

 by Asher Castello ¦  Sat Nov 04, 2017 1:17 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Infamous [Cas] ¦  Replies: 34 ¦  Views: 790

Castello groaned. What day was it? Where was he? Oh yeah. Home. For once, he wasn't sleeping on the floor of his shop or resting face down in between the ample bosom of his usual girl, who wasn't his girlfriend as he made it clear that he didn't have time for that shit. Castello was in his flat, wit...

Re: Always Pay Our Debts {Jace, Shadow}

 by Asher Castello ¦  Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:06 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Always Pay Our Debts {Jace, Shadow} ¦  Replies: 25 ¦  Views: 479

Cas made note about the Alpha's notorious rage as he started to tense up after his grand gesture. If it weren't for his beta interfering, it might have been one hell of a brawl. Then again, Keo would have kicked his ass if any of the back room got damaged, much less any of the precious merchandise k...

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