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Re: Dead like me (Arlo, open)

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:09 pm ¦  Forum: MI5 Paranormal HQ ¦  Topic: Dead like me (Arlo, open) ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 117

Arlo watched the man-zombie-thing with a bit of a raised brow when he broke out into a roaring fit of laughter. Clearly the guy had a few screws loose or hadn't seen the light of day in quite some time if he thought that was knee jerkingly funny. The again he did look like an experiment gone wrong s...

Re: Dead like me (Arlo, open)

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:57 pm ¦  Forum: MI5 Paranormal HQ ¦  Topic: Dead like me (Arlo, open) ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 117

It had been a relatively pleasant start to the day as far as things were considered. Arlo had successfully, or at least assumed, completed his field test with the torches and subsequent run in with the Devil. He'd met his handler and superior Cole Callaway, and been assigned a spitfire of a partner ...

Re: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:09 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo} ¦  Replies: 38 ¦  Views: 633

They traded stories as easily as if they'd been friends for some time and not just met the other day. Arlo enjoyed hearing of her time with Metro and then International and when Kat went into a bit more detail he returned the favor and gave some tidbits into the life of a sixer and a bit about the h...

Re: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:52 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat} ¦  Replies: 25 ¦  Views: 441

Kat's silence was a bit unsettling and a far cry from the spitfire that had been here moments ago. Was she ashamed of her outburst? Sure the feeling was warranted but as an agent she certainly had to have a had a few foot-in-mouth moments with her superiors. Every agent went through it, himself incl...

Re: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:17 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo} ¦  Replies: 38 ¦  Views: 633

Kat's snicker brought a smile to his lips as he continued to nurse his drink. It had to be lose screws. The only reason for making the leap he had would be because if he'd taken any psych test other than the one's sanctioned by the agency, Arlo was 100% certain he would have been pronounced crazy. H...

Re: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:29 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat} ¦  Replies: 25 ¦  Views: 441

"I highly doubt that if two of you felt it that the static discharge was a mere coincidence. You should touch base with your other agent. If he can corroborate what you both felt then it seems pretty cut and dry that something out of the normal is going on. I mean there's always the off chance...

Re: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:45 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo} ¦  Replies: 38 ¦  Views: 633

"Kind of like watching a tv episode only to find out it was the end of a 13 episode season?" Arlo laughed. It was a terrible analogy but sometimes he just couldn't help himself. "No need to apologize, I did leave the door open and honestly, basics isn't such a bad thing. Just means y...

Re: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:37 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat} ¦  Replies: 25 ¦  Views: 441

Arlo nodded. Cole seemed sincere in his declaration to play ball and this list would be a good start. From it they might be able to learn any irregular habits the asset had and figure out a place to start in order t bring him in. The mutant continued to watch Cole and found it rather fascinating wat...

Re: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:58 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo} ¦  Replies: 38 ¦  Views: 633

Arlo didn't turn away or drop his gaze when Kat sought out his. It was almost like she didn't believe he wasn't going to turn into some first rate jerk and throw her under the bus or something. Then again, they'd only just met and there first mission as partners hadn't really gone anywhere near acco...

Re: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:07 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat} ¦  Replies: 25 ¦  Views: 441

Arlo listened intently to Cole as he ran down some names. Hell, that was a list and the old man got the vibes that this was just the tip of the iceberg. So the asset had made friends with damn near everyone, was personable, likeable... It made sense for the government to consider Cox a dead man. It ...

Re: A Matter of Urgency {MI5: Open}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:02 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: A Matter of Urgency {MI5: Open} ¦  Replies: 29 ¦  Views: 555

Arlo didn't get a chance to answer the agent. As soon as he'd been about to speak the distinct sound of a door opening could be heard and his attention turned to the other two agents as they emerged. Agent Burgess seemed to have hold of some sort of creature. Hopefully it was the little bugger that ...

Re: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:39 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat} ¦  Replies: 25 ¦  Views: 441

It was hard not to offer his partner an amused expression when she coined him "old man." At least that was the least terrible of the nick names he'd been coined with over the years and as an added bonus one he could let simply roll off his back since it was a favored choice of wording when...

Re: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:45 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo} ¦  Replies: 38 ¦  Views: 633

[She's looking at you] /Pity...sad/ (False...lies....hide) Arlo shook his head to clear out the voices who always seemed to pick the worst times to get extra chatty. The mutant had been doing a decent job of keeping them at bay during most of their conversation but now that his thoughts had taken a ...

Re: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:56 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: What's Inside Our Heads {Arlo} ¦  Replies: 38 ¦  Views: 633

Arlo cocked his head to the side slightly when Kat brought a particular night of fun. the reminder of the whiskey shot shower drew out a laugh. Oh hell, that made sense. that was the night Riley had got the crew together to try and suss out what they could about MI5 and there newly hired blind analy...

Re: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat}

 by Arlo Beckett ¦  Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:30 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Mission Report {Arlo, Kat} ¦  Replies: 25 ¦  Views: 441

Arlo was thrown completely off guard when it sounded like Cole had just admitted they were right. Both of them. The mutant felt his brow furrow in confusion. Had he heard that right? A quick glance to Kat told him he in fact had. Well wasn't that something. He leaned back in his chair and loosely cr...

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