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Re: Spark of Enlightenment (Kat, Klaus)

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:35 am ¦  Forum: UK & Ireland ¦  Topic: Spark of Enlightenment (Kat, Klaus) ¦  Replies: 9 ¦  Views: 212

Klaus fought back the urge to scowl. It was to be expected that'd be what she'd say, given how skittish she was and the fact she was a runner. Which...why was she staying here? Was it some sense of self-preservation, that maybe one person being in an alley with her was better than being out...

Re: Hunt and Pray (Open)

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:26 am ¦  Forum: UK & Ireland ¦  Topic: Hunt and Pray (Open) ¦  Replies: 28 ¦  Views: 380

Klaus glanced at his phone halfway through Citlali's question. He knew Jones was a busy woman and just because he texted didn't mean she'd read it now or even realize she had a text period for upwards 30 minutes to an hour, but instinct told him to glance. Nothing. He'd have to make...

Re: Hunt and Pray (Open)

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:32 pm ¦  Forum: UK & Ireland ¦  Topic: Hunt and Pray (Open) ¦  Replies: 28 ¦  Views: 380

Klaus almost wished he had a rabbit's foot right now-- almost . It would have been perfect. Or some worn out underwear that he wore every hunt or some other ritualistic good luck thing he could claim to credit with his so-called luck. But he didn't and he figured making things up now would ...

Re: Hunt and Pray (Open)

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:17 am ¦  Forum: UK & Ireland ¦  Topic: Hunt and Pray (Open) ¦  Replies: 28 ¦  Views: 380

Klaus snorted lightly, his amusement evident. Ok, girl was turning a bit more serious now, then. He could handle that, but it still was funny somehow. Or maybe that was the only way he could process discomfort. He preferred a lighthearted approach with some of this stuff that he didn't quite un...

Re: Spark of Enlightenment (Kat, Klaus)

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:06 am ¦  Forum: UK & Ireland ¦  Topic: Spark of Enlightenment (Kat, Klaus) ¦  Replies: 9 ¦  Views: 212

Well, into an alley worked, too. But what the few sparks he noticed as he neared the corner, having slowed to manage to take a moment to assess, had him deciding he would not be the one going around. Whoever went into the alley would be the first one to be face-to-face with the girl, and if she dec...

Re: Fallout (Klaus)

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:09 am ¦  Forum: Residential ¦  Topic: Fallout (Klaus) ¦  Replies: 18 ¦  Views: 368

In a safe place to recover? What did that even mean, entail, when you were considered a domestic terrorist by MI5 and had a kill order over you thanks to that? It wasn't like he was in trouble with the police. He was in trouble with their domestic intelligence branch for actions he claimed he m...

Re: Right Here Waiting {Klaus}

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:47 pm ¦  Forum: The Abbey ¦  Topic: Right Here Waiting {Klaus} ¦  Replies: 14 ¦  Views: 281

Klaus touched his lips together between his teeth then nodded, relaxing them. Well, at least she had the wherewithal to realize that even if it was a little late. Lucky for her, Klaus was typically fairly easy going and could move past this particular instance. Nothing unforgivable had been done on...

Re: Spark of Enlightenment (Kat, Klaus)

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:15 pm ¦  Forum: UK & Ireland ¦  Topic: Spark of Enlightenment (Kat, Klaus) ¦  Replies: 9 ¦  Views: 212

Cole's nod had been clear enough. He'd noticed something about the girl and now he was supposed to track her. No plan, no further instructions or information. Thankfully his cell phone was already on silent due to the memorial service, so he didn't need to worry about anything but stand...

Re: Right Here Waiting {Klaus}

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:00 pm ¦  Forum: The Abbey ¦  Topic: Right Here Waiting {Klaus} ¦  Replies: 14 ¦  Views: 281

Klaus opened his bottle on their way to the park and the bench and had already taken a swig before sitting down next to her and trying to sit in such a way that looked natural and relaxed. Kat didn't need to know that this was anything but for him. She needed to feel she could say what she need...

Re: Right Here Waiting {Klaus}

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:01 am ¦  Forum: The Abbey ¦  Topic: Right Here Waiting {Klaus} ¦  Replies: 14 ¦  Views: 281

Klaus was a bit surprised by the quietness of Kat's voice as she told him which way to go before she simply started walking, but he tried not to let it put him off too much. She'd dealt with everything same as him, only from a girlfriend's perspective. Best mates or not, it must be diff...

Re: Hunt and Pray (Open)

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:25 am ¦  Forum: UK & Ireland ¦  Topic: Hunt and Pray (Open) ¦  Replies: 28 ¦  Views: 380

Klaus snorted his laughter at Citlali's proposal and took a sip of his coffee. He couldn't say the request was unexpected and it was smart of her to try to utilize the situation to her advantage, but it was amusing and he did need a moment to decide whether or not there was any information ...

Re: Right Here Waiting {Klaus}

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:36 pm ¦  Forum: The Abbey ¦  Topic: Right Here Waiting {Klaus} ¦  Replies: 14 ¦  Views: 281

Klaus nodded as Kat explained where the places were. He chuckled at her surmising that things were off to a decent start. They were, he supposed. He still wasn't entirely certain how the night was supposed to go, but alcohol and calming her down seemed to be the thing they did together. "W...

Re: Requiem (open)

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:25 pm ¦  Forum: 2012 ¦  Topic: Requiem (open) ¦  Replies: 23 ¦  Views: 386

This was all too odd to watch. Cole around Matt's parents, the colorfully-dressed blonde near his brother. Klaus buried his face in his hands for a moment, not sure what to feel or to think or to do at the moment or even sure he still needed or wanted to be here. He should probably check out th...

Re: Wicked Games {Tabora}

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:06 pm ¦  Forum: Alibi ¦  Topic: Wicked Games {Tabora} ¦  Replies: 64 ¦  Views: 1357

Alright, if they were just going to sit back there and cuddle even though the doors were unlocked and they were here at HQ, he was just going to leave them and get the ball rolling. Maybe that Orion would be there or maybe he wouldn't, but either way, he needed to get things rolling because he ...

Re: Whole New World {Teague}

 by Niklaus Schmidt ¦  Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:22 pm ¦  Forum: City of Shadows ¦  Topic: Whole New World {Teague} ¦  Replies: 92 ¦  Views: 1951

The first part of the conversation, Klaus could follow, the part he could tell was Cedric trying to be a dick to Teague. Then, they started talking about something else with terms he didn't recognize. Maybe a sport? Klaus could hardly care. Sometimes he got excited about a football game if he i...

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