2017 is our year to shine and to reach greater heights than ever before. We’ve passed all precedented activity goals from any previous year. We decimated our previous monthly high from June of 2012 by nearly 450 posts. Not only that, but we beat last year’s full year of activity by 225 posts. Individually, Jordan celebrated his tenth year with us on the 14th, and Latfa celebrated her 6th year with us on the 26th. Durt and Paidrig began their journies with us, and legacy member Layni returned to us. As a series, we’ll be reaching our twelfth year of existence in October. Last Resort itself will reach its ninth year on March 23rd.

This is something to be proud of! The Beyond Potter series is amongst the longest-running Harry Potter RPGs out there, and without each and every one of you and your dedication to our story, we wouldn’t be here. If we were, we wouldn’t be the same. Each of your individual contributions to the plot, the lore, and our world have made this AU into more of an expanded universe than anything else. Everything is so rich with detail and has expanded our potential stories a thousand fold.

As January began to come to a close, AC, Ri, and I sat down and started having group chats over Facebook concerning the direction of the site and things we would like to see happen. We’ve set goals for ourselves. We’ve set goals for our team. We’ve set goals for the site in general. Ri has been working on a new plot line as the final details of the one I presented a few years ago are drawing to a close, which she will introduce to you in a later section. AC has been coding her little heart out so that I could bring a new skin, which you are all seeing the fruits of now.

We have so much hope for this site and a renewed enthusiasm and hunger. We hope you share in this and hope you feel free to contribute your own plot ideas and feedback as we ask. This site has always been for each and every one of you. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.


February does not sport any member milestones. Look here next month!


Welcome to the Plotting Corner! Buckle up, helmets on, life vests are under your seat, please review the safety information card, and off we go! I have designed, for your playing pleasure, a site-wide plot interwoven with faction specific goals. There are ten mini-goals within each major plot, so the opportunity for growth, activity, and action are unrivaled. On top of that, the different faction goals WILL coincide, depart from one another, and interweave at different points. Don’t be afraid of playing with that Death Eater, little Order member! As if that weren’t enough, I’ve made three adoptable NPCs for each faction. You can either play them and return them, or you can keep them for your very own. I will be making a tracking thread for each NPC and recording their appearances, so please experiment and enjoy them.

The ultimate goal of the plot is utter destruction of everything we know and love.

Happy times, right? The stunning conclusion of this plot is member driven and has been hinted at for the past several months/year. Our characters have reached a comfortable little plateau of stability, so it’s time to knock them off that perch and watch them fly! I can’t wait to write with you guys and see what you do with this. It’s going to be amazing.


This year, our goal is to seek member feedback more frequently than before. If you have something you feel isn’t working and want to see if we can help, let us know! At any time. The Facebook group and Tumblr links are at the bottom of the site but we do check our OOC accounts daily for PMs, so feel free to reach out whichever way is easiest. I still have Skype as well. Ask me if you’d like my screen name!

January's poll revealed a desire for the return of writing prompts and the of the months. Unanimously, we decided in a follow-up poll to do of the months with nominations. Please forward any nominations to Jen's account by 11:59 p.m. PST on Friday, February 23rd. The remainder of the month will host polls for the categories nominated.

      • Character of the Month - Include a reason why this character stood out to you. Everyone loves compliments and will receive their compliments regardless if they win or not.
      • Relationship of the Month - What do you enjoy about this couple or friendship?
      • Member of the Month - Staff will pick this one based on pre-determined criteria each month as we wish to notice and thank each one of you throughout the year.

You can easily keep an eye out for new polls! Anytime we have a new poll, it will be accessible either by looking here in the “Wizarding Wireless” or clicking the link in the “Current Poll” section of the side bar.


This year, we’re trying something new. While out Christmas shopping, I gathered various items to offer as prizes for contests. The prize thread can be found here. If for any reason you are not comfortable with receiving physical prizes and would prefer something else and happen to win, we can certainly discuss things such as a character perk good for a month, a signature and avatar set, or other ideas instead.


Our first contest this year is the advertising contest. Something that will greatly help us is the addition of new faces and the characters they bring with them that will help flesh out our plots and introduce personal plot lines and struggles of their own. So, we are issuing a contest this month to help us get word out about our wonderful site.


    • Check our master list of ads, found here. If the name is not on the list or the link is to a different site with the same name, you can feel free to advertise.
    • Our current ad can be found here with codes available for JCInk and Proboards. If you need it coded for something else, please let us know. If you code it yourself, please send me a PM to “Jen” stating which host it’s for and include the code between [*code][/code*] tags.
    • Post a link to your ads in a post in this thread. If you are on a RPG collection site, I will count offering our site into a site search type thread as an ad. Just make sure it’s what the person requesting is looking for. If they’re looking for Marvel/DC, obviously they’re not looking for HP.
    • Absolutely do not send unsolicited advertisements via PM to other people on another RPG site you’re on. If you happen to talk with a fellow member and we come up, great. But most sites frown upon PMs being sent to their members regarding other sites.
    • If a site posts a first link on our site during the advertising contest, staff will take care of the link back so no one accidentally double posts because two people decide to link back at once.

The winner will be whoever gets the most ads out. Another prize will be issued to the person gaining the most referrals. The advertising contest ends March 15th with the referrals portion of the contest ending March 31st.

There are a total of 18 prizes available with four possible grand prizes for the end of the year. Grand prize details will be given at a later time.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Grand Prizes: 1 & 2, 3 & 4


Hey all! AC here. As you can probably already tell we have a new skin! I've been busy over the last couple of months creating an easy way for Jen to jazz up the place. I know a bunch of you had asked before about seeing new layouts but I had run into a snag due to how the forum was handling responsiveness between different devices. Proud to say that is no longer an issue and we can now make skins to our hearts content!

For those who might prefer the original over the new you can access it by going into your user control panel -> board preferences tab. Scroll about half way down and you will see an option called "My Board Style". That is where you will find all currently available styles.

As will all new things I'm sure we are going to run into bugs where things are hard to read or colors aren't working as intended. If you do come across something that is not working for you please grab a screenshot and post it in the bug forum.

Other things I've been working on:
  • Upgraded the board to phpbb3 series - Finished
  • Updated all our add-ons and mods - Finished
  • Finished Mod to make skinning more user friendly - Finished
  • Added an award mod - If you have any suggestions for awards you'd like to see let us know! - In Progress
  • Various bug fixes and back end improvements - in Progress

Known Bugs:
  • Account Swap AJAX error when trying to swap while in a thread - Waiting on original creator to get back to me
  • Poll not showing correct % on sidebar -> Known issue and creator is looking into it
  • Images not centering or not showing correctly -> Looking into

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